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The Pantry Doctor

Wendie Schneider, aka the Pantry Doctor

is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and healthy living coach, who has a passion for educating on the importance of eating real foods, offering simple recipes that people can understand and helping people maintain a pantry that will properly fuel an active, on-the-go lifestyle.

She practices what she preaches

and truly believes that living a healthy lifestyle encompasses not only the foods that you choose to put into your body, but also incorporating fitness, stress management, proper sleep and beauty routines, as well as having positive people in your life.

The Pantry Doctor mission

is to help individuals meet their goals by offering a practical approach to nutrition, and empowering people to make lifestyle choices that will improve their health and well-being.

After many requests from clients, Wendie learned people were searching for nutritious, grab-and-go breakfast options with complete balanced nutrition. This is where the idea of Pantry Doctor (PD) Overnight Oats began.

Our Philosophy

Produce.Before.Pills.™ The meaning behind this phrase is simple. It’s a proven fact that poor nutrition can lead to various severe conditions and illnesses such as obesity, high blood pressure, or diabetes. Eating real, functional foods and getting away from processed foods with additives, sugars and preservatives can increase energy, aid in weight loss, and contribute to overall health. 

Fueling your body first thing in the morning with a healthy breakfast, one with no added sugars and packed with super foods, gives your body what it needs to function at a healthier level.

Every Pantry Doctor Overnight Oats formula is designed with this philosophy in mind! Our philosophy drives our mission to provide a healthy, nutrient dense start to the day, and readily accessible, healthy foods for an on-the-go lifestyle.